I'm a Millennial Veteran?

When people hear the word Veteran, most think of someone older that served 20 plus years in the military. Well as a 26 year old veteran, I thought it would be fitting to talk about what it means to me to be a Veteran and the proper connotation it entails.

First off anyone that served honorably and received a proper discharge is considered a Veteran.
I joined at 18 and got out of the Navy at 23.

When I tell people I’m a veteran I sometimes get a quizzical look from them because I probably look like I just graduated college.

The fact that I joined so young makes the Navy a huge part of my life. It was not only my first real job, but something that I became extremely bonded to because everything I did those 5 years to help me mature was through the vail of the Navy.

The motto the Navy uses is, “accelerate your life.” That is exactly what it did. I had a platform to build and grow with and use as a stepping stone to continue to succeed outside of the Military.

I take a lot of pride in being a Veteran, but it isn’t something that I publicly make known unless someone asks.

I try and show through my work ethic and mantra what being in the Military will give you and always be a positive representation of my time served.


  • Started watching your videos a few months back and all your advice and words of wisdom have definitely prepared me for what’s to come in boot camp and the rest of my Navy career. I ship to Great Lakes in 16 days and I can’t wait. Keep up with the great videos and Merch my dude!

  • You inspired me to join the navy I enlist in 20 days :)

  • JTsuits is a beast

  • Yo my guy keep up the good work you have guided me to my hopefully future navy career so thanks

  • Nice website my guy


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