WE DID IT! - Over 100,000 Subscribers

In 2012, we had an idea... "To start a Community centered around life in the United States Navy"  

Now...... we are over 100,000 strong! The beginning was not the easiest, but the support of each and every one of you fueled us to keep the JTsuits dream alive.

It is amazing what you guys are doing for yourselves, joining the Military is no small decision! As we get more and more organized the JTsuits community hopes to be a vital resource for anyone seeking to join the Military!

Thank you for allowing me to big such a big part of your lives, I have enjoyed growing with you all as a person, as a friend, and as a leader. As you enter into this next part of your lives, remember... there is no small decision. Every decision has the ability to change our future for the positive or the negative, so lets keep moving forward!


- JTsuits


  • 100% what the other Matt said. A Forum would be the next move for sure. To accelerate your growth exponentially! You deserve to do this FT for you and your fam!

  • I LOVE the shirts and will definitely be buying several!!

  • Sick site man, love your little blog section this is cool. Is there any way it can be like a forum so we can make our own posts?? That would be super rad, thx again for everything and congrats on 100k!

    Matt Trudeau
  • Dude seriously amazing what you’ve done, so happy for you!

    Jared M

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